Rotterdam’s first open air reggae festival!

Sunday 30 July 2017
Euromastpark, Rotterdam

Gold Stage
Gold Stage
  • Alpha Blondy
  • Alpha Blondy

    Alpha Blondy, real name Seydou Koné (Dimbokro, 1 January 1953) is a reggae singer from the Ivory Coast. He is well know in West-Africa, Europa and the United States.

    Alpha Blondy was raised by his grandmother, who taught him the writings of the Koran. He learned the French language by reading the Bible. His grandmother gave him the nickname ‘Blondy’, which is another word for bandit. He added the word ‘Alpha’ which means ‘Beginning’. Hence his name roughly translates to ‘First Bandit’. This all took place after he formed his first band, The Atomic Vibrations. Membership of the band eventually led to Alpha Blondy getting expelled from school.


    Toots and the Maytals, aanvankelijk gewoon The Maytals, is een Jamaicaanse band en een van de bekendste ska- en reggaegroepen.

    The Maytals behoren tot de grondleggers van reggaemuziek. De band is ontstaan in 1962, toen de ska op Jamaica zeer populair was. The Maytals worden gekenmerkt door hun sterke vocale inbreng. De zang van de Frederick “Toots” Hibbert, de bandleider, wordt vaak vergeleken met die van Otis Redding. Toots (geboren in May Pen, Jamaica in 1945), was de jongste van zeven kinderen en groeide op met het zingen van gospelmuziek in een kerkkoor.

    Toots and the Maytals hebben hun eerste opnames gemaakt bij de toen op Jamaica zeer populaire Studio One label van Clement “Coxsone” Dodd. Hierbij werd de closeharmonyzang van de Maytals begeleid door de muziek van Dodd’s huisband, The Skatalites. Toentertijd waren ze op Jamaica populairder dan een later ook zeer bekende band, The Wailers.

    De composities van Toots and the Maytals beleefden een tweede ronde met successen gedurende de ska-revival in de periode 1978-80, toen The Specials Monkey Man opnamen op hun debuutalbum (1979) en The Clash een cover maakten van Pressure Drop.

    In de jaren 90 kwam de groep opnieuw bij elkaar. Toots & the Maytals geven sindsdien weer optredens en nemen weer regelmatig albums op.

    Toots & The Maytals zijn met 30 platen op nummer één de recordhouder van het aantal nummer 1-hits in Jamaica.

  • Gentleman
  • Gentleman

    Gentleman, real name Tilman Otto (Osnabrück, 19 April 1975) is one of Europe’s most well-known reggae artists. As an adolescent, he travelled to Jamaica multiple times. On these trips, he was inspired by the Jamaican sound. This has turned out very well for Gentleman because he has had the privilege to work with some of reggae’s biggest names including Ky Mani Marley and Barrington Levy.

  • Eek-a-Mouse
  • Eek-a-Mouse

    Eek-A-Mouse, real name Ripton Joseph Hylton (Kingston, 19 November 1957) is one of the world’s most iconic and original reggae artists. His remarkable name was inspired by a racing horse Eek-A-Mouse used to bet on.

    Eek-A-Mouse made numerous international hits such as: ‘’Wild Like a Tiger’’, ‘’For Hire and Removal’’, ‘’Do You Remember’’ and of course ‘’Ganja Smuggling’’. His name and presence are an essential part within the reggae scene and we’re very proud to welcome Eek-A-Mouse on Reggae Rotterdam!

  • Drunken lion Soundsystem
  • Drunken lion Soundsystem

  • Kenny B
  • Kenny B

    Kenny B (Paramaribo, 1 November 1961) is a reggae artist from Suriname who had numerous hits in his home country before taking over the Dutch charts. Originally Kenny B recorded his songs singing in Surinamese or English. He even had a number one hit in Suriname.

    With his transition to Dutch reggae it didn’t take long to create a lot of buzz in The Netherlands too. His megahit ‘Parijs’ was played and streamed millions of times and has won multiple platina awards.

  • Sabrina Starke
  • Sabrina Starke

    Sabrina Starke (Paramaribo, 9 August 1979) rose to fame as a soul singer but she started her singing career as a background singer for a reggae band. Luckily for us Sabrina honours her roots because she is going to bring back real reggae vibes with her ‘Soul of Reggae’ show!

  • th’acquisition
  • th’acquisition

Gold Stage
Gold Stage
  • Beenie man
  • Beenie man

    Anthony Moses David (Kingston, 22 August 1973) better known as Beenie Man is the one and only King of Dancehall.

    Beenie Man started making music in the Kingston reggae scene at a young age. Within a short time, he established his name as one of Jamaica’s leading dancehall artists and was a regular at dancehall parties all around Jamaica. In the 90’s Beenie Man successfully convinced the European and American audience of the power of dancehall and as a result has worked with numerous big artists from that period.

  • Wayne Wonder
  • Wayne Wonder

    Wayne Wonder (Portland Jamaica, 26 July 1972) real name Von Wayne Charles, is a dancehall artist who shook up clubs all around the world with ‘Bounce Along’ and of course his megahit ‘No Letting Go’. Wayne Wonder will rock the Euromastpark on the 30th of July and is going to introduce Rotterdam to some real Jamaican dancehall vibes!

  • Sister Nancy
  • Sister Nancy

    Ophlin Russel (Kingston, 2 January 1962), better known as Sister Nancy is the world’s first female dancehall DJ and was the first female act to perform at the Jamaican Reggae Sunsplash Festival.

    Sister Nancy is well known for her hit ‘Bam Bam’. The catchy chorus has been sampled by numerous contemporary artists and has become an essential reggae classic over the years.

  • DJ Moortje
  • DJ Moortje

    DJ Moortje broke all rules in the late 80’s by playing a reggae record at 45 RPM instead of the usual 33RPM. The quick-paced rhythm went hand in hand with the lyrics and rhymes of MC Pret and MC Pester and a new genre was born: Bubbling. The Dutch dancehall variant conquered the clubs in The Netherlands in a heartbeat and has become an integral part of the Dutch clubbing scene.

  • K-Liber
  • K-Liber

    K-Liber is a music group with Curaçaoan roots. The group consists of Teddo Juice, Mega Master and Pugistix. Their catchy bubbling music is heavily influenced by Jamaican dancehall and serves a sole purpose: to let everyone vibe and dance! That’s exactly what K-Liber did when they released their hit single ‘Viben’ which conquered the Dutch clubs and charts in no time.

  • Immorales
  • Immorales

    Immorales was established in 1999 and consists of Pimpilinchi Stinki (Pimpi), Lindoras, Nok Blok, Yazzer G and 37. They conquered the Dutch underground scene in early 2000 with their hit ‘Billen Trillen’ and are notorious for their spicy and uncensored lyrics. The guys from Immorales know how to start a party!

  • Beumers
  • Beumers

Gold Stage
Gold Stage
  • King Shiloh Soundsystem
  • King Shiloh Soundsystem

    King Shiloh Sound System, based in Amsterdam, Holland, is an international, independently operating, roots reggae & dub sound system, founded and inspired through the inspiration of Jah Rastafari in 1991. The state of the art 40kw 6-way stereo sound system is at the heart of all activities, spin-offs include the King Shiloh Majestic Music record label.

    King Shiloh are known as the traveling sound, they have covered more distance in the last 20 years with their sound system than any other in Europe. Ground-breakers outside of the UK and responsible for inspiring a whole new generation of sound systems across the continent. They were the first non UK sound to play on the island with their own sound system, becoming regulars at the famous University of Dub in London. Their sessions are regularly sold-out be it in NL, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany or the UK.

  • Masego Soundsystem
  • Masego Soundsystem

    Masego Soundsystem consists of Matthijs den Hertog, Thierry Hoogendijk, Thomas van Krugten and Erik-Jan van de Wal and is based in Rotterdam. Masego means ‘Blessed’ in Tswana and that’s exactly what they will do to the dancefloor, they’re going to bless it! They have been active spreading the Rastafari message since 2009 and with their handbuilt soundsystem they’re going to bless us with the best roots and dub tunes.


    Jah Shaka has been operating a South East London-based, roots reggae Jamaican sound system since the early 1970s. His name is an amalgamation of the Rastafarian term for God and that of the Zulu king Shaka Zulu.

    Jah Shaka started out on the Freddie Cloudburst Sound System as an operator,[1] before setting up his own sound system.[2] By the late 1970s Shaka’s system had rapidly gained a large and loyal following due to the combination of spiritual content, high energy rhythms, massive sonority, and his dynamic personal style. That following notably included many of the pioneers of post-punk such as Public Image Ltd and The Slits.

    In 1980 Shaka played himself in the film Babylon (directed by Franco Rosso, although he directed the scene he appeared in[2]), operating his Sound System in a soundclash at the climax of the story.

    Shaka stayed true to his spiritual and distinct musical style during the 1980s when many other Sound Systems had started to follow the Jamaican trend towards playing less orthodox styles[3] tending towards slack dancehall music.

Main info

The first Open Air Reggae Festival makes it’s long awaited and promising introduction to Rotterdam. The summer of 2017 is the perfect moment for a new cultural music festival. Reggae music is known to connect people and break boundaries while bringing along a big bunch of positivity. Get ready for a mind blowing line-up, extraordinary stages and lots of activities!

The Benelux is about to the meet the first broadly oriented Reggae Festival for all ages! Reggae Rotterdam values a unique experience and achieves this with a refreshing, national and international line-up on multiple stages, workshops and exceptional gastronomy provided by local businesses and live-acts. Reggae Rotterdam mixes distinctive and high-quality elements.

Reggae Rotterdam Festival welcomes all ages. Children up to and including 10 years old can access the festival free of charge. Experience a unique combination of music, culture and entertainment with your friends and family! Get a sense of the ‘Reggae Rotterdam’ vibe and order your tickets now!



Sunday 30 July 2017, 13:00-23:00. After 21:30 it’s not possible to enter the festival grounds.


Euromastpark (Het Park) Rotterdam-centrum


Do you want to know more about the festival and the rules and regulations that apply?

Please click on the button below to check all info.

Check all info
  • Date and time:

    Sunday 30 July 2017, 13:00-23:00. After 21:30 it’s not possible to enter the festival grounds.

  • Location:

    Euromastpark (Het Park) Rotterdam.

  • Age policy:

    Reggae Rotterdam Festival welcomes all ages. Children up to and including 10 years old can even access the festival free of charge! You might be asked to show your ID so don’t forget to bring it with you. Failing to show your ID when requested by the security personnel can lead to the denial of access to the festival grounds.

  • Tickets:

    Get your tickets on the Reggae Rotterdam website (Ticketscript). Be careful for the illegal sale of (fake) tickets. Reggae Rotterdam doesn’t hold any responsibility for tickets sold by third parties.

  • Route and accessibility:

    The Euromastpark (Het Park) is a green oasis in the centre of Rotterdam. Het Park is the best-known park in Rotterdam, located to the west of the city centre. The park is located amongst the Nieuwe Maas, the Parkhaven, the Westzeedijk and the Scheepvaartkwartier. The Parkkade is located along the Park.

    On foot or by bicycle:
    It’s a 5 to 10 minute bike ride to the festival grounds from Rotterdam Central Station. Walking from Rotterdam Central Station to the festival grounds will take you around 15 to 20 minutes.

    By public transport:
    Tram 7 towards Willemsplein, get out at the stop at Westplein. From there on follow the signs to the festival grounds (10 minute walk).
    Tram 8 towards Spangen, get out at the stop at Kievietslaan. From there on follow the signs to the festival grounds ( 3 minute walk).
    Tram 20 towards Lombardijen, get out at the stop at Vasteland. From there on follow the signs to the festival grounds (10 minute walk).
    Tram 23 towards Beverwaard, get out at the stop at Leuvehaven. From there on follow the signs to the festival grounds (10 minute walk).
    Because of the good accessibility of the festival there will be no shuttle service.

    By car:
    We strongly advise travelling to Reggae Rotterdam with public transport. Parking space around the festival grounds is limited. A Kiss & Ride (short parking facility) is located on the Heuvellaan.

    Touring bus:
    It’s possible to travel to Reggae Rotterdam Festival by touring bus. Please notify us in advance via

  • Food and drinks:

    A reggae festival without good (soul)food and thirst-quenching drinks wouldn’t be a real reggae festival. You can expect delicious food from various regions around the globe from local businesses. Bringing your own food and/or drinks to the festival grounds is not allowed.

  • Admission:

    Please bring your printed tickets to the festival. Tickets presented on mobile devices are usually hard to scan and can cause long lines. Reggae Rotterdam Festival maintains a ‘no re-entry policy’.

  • Payment:

    All consumptions at Reggae Rotterdam Festival will be paid with tokens. Tokens can be purchased at the token vendors on the festival grounds. Accepted methods of payment at the token vendors are: cash, debit card (Maestro) or creditcard (Visa, MasterCard).

  • Lockers:

    There will be plenty of lockers available at the festival. It’s possible to share a locker. Every locker has enough space for three jackets.

  • Lost & found:

    There will be a Lost & Found desk (Lockerbox service desk) available at the festival. Reclamations can be requested via

  • Ponchos:

    In the case of heavy rain Reggae Rotterdam will provide free ponchos. Make sure to wear a suitable festival outfit and to check the weather forecast in advance. Bringing a small umbrella (without a sharp end) is allowed.

  • Cameras and selfie-sticks:

    Bringing a small (digital) camera is allowed. Professional recording equipment will not be accepted on to the festival grounds. Selfie-sticks are only allowed if they are of a maximum length of one meter and retractible.

  • First aid:

    A First Aid Post will be situated on the festival grounds. Please alert the security staff if you or someone else requires help from the First Aid Post.. The First Aid Post can also provide you with a bandaid, an aspirin or help you to cool down.

  • Earplugs:

    You only have one pair of ears so take good care of them! Make sure to wear earplugs and keep a sufficient amount of distance between you and the speakers. Earplugs will be available at the token vending points across the festival grounds.

  • Wheelchairs:

    The festival grounds, including the stages, are accessible to wheelchair users. The security personnel and bar staff are available to assist wheelchair users if necessary.

  • Weapons:

    Possession of all weapons and items that can be used as a weapon is strictly prohibited. Upon discovery of aforementioned items you will be turned over to the police.

  • Drugs:

    Possession and distribution of (hard)drugs on the festival grounds is not permitted. If you are caught using/distributing (openly) the drugs will be confiscated and/or you will be turned over to the police.

  • Frisking:

    When entering the festival grounds you automatically agree to a voluntary frisk search.

  • Behaviour:

    Harassment, racism and discrimination will not be tolerated and will lead to a removal from the festival grounds.
    Aggression (both in words and gesture) towards the staff or security staff and destruction of goods are prohibited and will also lead to a removal from the festival grounds.

  • Instructions:

    Instructions given by (security) staff members should be followed and respected at all times.

  • Unlawful Assembly:

    On suspicion of unlawful assembly the organisation reserves the right to deny access to the festival grounds to these groups/remove these groups from the festival grounds.

  • Theft:

    Upon discovery of theft you will be handed over to the police.

  • Dogs:

    Dogs are not allowed onto the festival grounds.

  • Bicycles:

    Bicycles are not allowed on to the festival grounds.

  • Video and Audio recordings:

    Video and audio recordings are not permitted unless explicitly agreed upon in writing by the organisation.

  • Beware:

    Failure to comply with aforementioned rules and regulations will lead to a denial of access to the festival grounds, without entitlement to compensation of any kind.

There’s only a limited amount of tickets available so act fast!

The ”Early Birdies” and ”Natty” (phase 1) sold out incredibly fast! Luckily we still have a limited amount of regular ”Iron Lion” (phase 1) tickets available for just €35,-. 

Don’t wait too long because the (phase 3) tickets will cost €50,- eventually. One